2012-12-05 18:07:56

The clingy girlfriend

2012-12-01 12:14:54


2012-08-23 13:43:29

Så jävla värt att läsa!

2012-07-30 20:41:26


2012-07-29 09:54:38


2012-07-19 21:38:43
Ownage - <p>DadHey dad, i decided i'm going to drop out of school. I'm sorry.<br>Its ok son. Just remember one thing.<br>What?<br>I don't like pickles on my Big Mac</p>


2012-07-05 19:35:21

Så är det!

2012-06-02 15:58:15

haha jag dör!

2012-04-29 17:16:45

Roliga bilder från fb gru..

2012-04-28 09:52:15
Lånar lite bilder från Facebook gruppen ''Teacher Call It Cheating , We Call It Teamwork''


2012-04-27 20:40:40
Ownage - <p>mr bro<br>Dude for Halloween I am going as laundry.<br>Why bro?<br>Beacuse women love doing laundry...<br>Thats just... AWESOME!<br></p>
Ownage - <p>NickI'm going bungee jumping in two weeks :D<br>Oh...I would NEVER go bungee jumping!<br>...why?<br>Because a broken rubber brought me into this world, and godammit, it won't take me out of it!<br>I'm pissing myself laughing, dude. xD</p>
Ownage - <p>creep. Hey sexy, I'm gonna fuck you so hard ;)<br>Winning the lottery, marrying Justin Bieber, competing in the Hunger Games, defeating Chuck Norris, riding a unicorn, dominating the world.<br>WTF are you talking about?<br>Oh sorry..I thought we were listing things that were never gonna happen.</p>
Ownage - <p>NickelessWhat mouse walks on 2 legs?<br>Idk...<br>Mickey Mouse. What duck walks on 2 legs?<br>Donald Duck?<br>No, all ducks. Dipshit.<br>(T-T) </p>
Ownage - <p>I called your boyfriend gay, so he hit me with his purse.<br>For the last time, it's a SATCHEL<br>Name one cool man to carry a satchel<br>Indiana Jones<br>.... Touche....</p>
Ownage - <p>EricWhy did u try to kiss me at prom?<br>...I kinda was a little drunk...did I do anything else weird???<br>You called me an obese penguin.<br>...that actually sounds like me</p>
Ownage - <p>Kyle-BYou still mad at me?<br>Twinkle Twinkle Little Star..<br>How i wonder what you are?<br>No. I'm going to run you over with my fucking car.<br>Yeah, you're still mad<br>Run, bitch.</p>
Ownage - <p>SarahYeah I hate everyone and everything they are all douche bags.<br>Except for bacon. You can never hate bacon<br>Is bacon a code name for someone..?<br>No one will ever be good enough to have the code name bacon.<br>Ever..</p>
Ownage - <p>boring heeeey let's play a game, each time i say a word you have to add another one and that way we make a story! ok i start. The<br>end. </p>
Ownage - <p>Tony8===================D<br>^^ That's how long my dick is :)<br>....You do relize that that's only about 2 inches long....right <br>Shit....<br>-_-</p>
Ownage - <p>BRO.I wasnt that drunk. I drove myself home.<br>dude. don't even try denying it<br>..?<br>I drove you home while you drove with a paper plate..<br>Oh. I thought that was a dream<br>idiot.</p>
Ownage - <p>Hey, how do you keep an idiot in suspense?<br>Hello?<br>Heeelllooooo? <br>Wait... AWW MAN <br>Hahaha. Who's the idiot now? It's you!</p>
Ownage - <p>LawrenceYour eyes are like the color of the sky. Beautiful every day. They remind me of the ocean, just 'waving' back and forth. They're like crystals or blue orbs that<br>shine in the sunlight whenever I look at you.<br>I have brown eyes.</p>
Ownage - <p>Breannahey remember when tht fake chick dissed us<br>yea :/<br>well i hope she ends up in a microwave :D<br>why?<br>plastic melts :)<br>this is why we are friends. :)</p>
Ownage - <p>MomHey mom, can i get $20?<br>What do you think i am? Made of money?<br>Isn't that what mom stands for?</p>

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